Dr. Richard Pan Makes Statement on Budget Deal and Medi-Cal Special Session: Let’s Fix Medi-Cal!

June 16, 2015

SACRAMENTO- Dr. Richard Pan made the following statement on the budget agreement announced today between the legislature and the Governor as well as the Governor’s call for special sessions to fix our Medi-Cal system and transportation infrastructure:

“I am pleased that the Legislature and Governor have agreed on a responsible and prudent budget that addresses problems facing California including the drought and invests in the people of California including expanding access to college and early childhood education, increasing funding for our schools, expanding health care coverage for immigrant children living in California, and establishing an Earned Income Tax Credit which encourages work and returns tax dollars to 2 million people in poverty.  This budget also puts away a record $4.6 billion in the state rainy day fund and dedicates $1.9 billion to paying down debt.

I am especially grateful for the Governor’s interest in fixing our broken Medi-Cal system which covers over 12 million Californians.  A third of Californians and 60% of children depend on Medi-Cal for their health care, but too many have difficulty obtaining the care they need to be healthy. In calling a special session to address the underfunding of Medi-Cal and developmental services, we have the opportunity to ensure the state meets its responsibility for the health of the people of California. This is a historic moment, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and the Governor to solve Medi-Cal’s problems.  Let’s fix Medi-Cal!”

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