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Rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are at an alarming and historic high in California and across the country

February 27, 2020

SACRAMENTO – As sexually transmitted disease rates increase at alarming and historic highs in California and across the country, Dr. Richard Pan, pediatrician and State Senator representing the Sacramento area, introduced SB 885 to expand access to STD care and coverage for low-income Californians who are uninsured, enrolled in Medi-Cal, or do not obtain services directly at a health center.

February 6, 2020

SACRAMENTO –Dr. Richard Pan, state senator representing the Sacramento region and Chair of the Senate Health Committee is in close contact with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and monitoring the response to novel coronavirus outbreak. 

“While the novel coronavirus is a serious public health concern and health officials are taking every precaution to protect the public, the risk to the general public in California remains low,” said Dr. Richard Pan, pediatrician and state senator representing the Sacramento region.

One in Five Americans Get Their News from Social Media Sources, Over 50 Percent of Teens Get Their News from YouTube

January 30, 2020

SACRAMENTO – As more Americans turn to social media as their primary news source, and as social media companies obtain larger profits from advertising dollars, Dr. Richard Pan has introduced a measure to hold social media companies to the same truth in advertising liability standards that traditional media outlets must adhere to, and bring accountability for the content social media companies recommend to users through their algorithms.