Broad, bipartisan base of support includes family & child advocates, health care providers, public health officials, educators, unions, local governments and many others

April 14, 2015

The I Heart Immunity Campaign, a group of public health advocates dedicated to increasing California immunization rates, today announced new support for Senate Bill 277 (Pan/Allen), which would eliminate the personal belief exemption option from required school vaccinations in California. The bill, which recently passed the Senate Health Committee 6-2, will be heard by the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

“The diverse outpouring of support for SB 277 reflects both the serious public health threat of vaccine-preventable illnesses and the well-settled science around the safety and efficacy of vaccinations,” said Luther Cobb, MD, California Medical Association president. “California parents, physicians, educators, health advocates, elected officials and others have come together to say with one voice that ‘personal’ belief exemptions are not an individual choice when they jeopardize the health of all our children.”

The following organizations and individuals have recently voted to endorse SB 277 or spoke in favor of the legislation at the recent Senate Health Committee hearing:

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)
Children’s Defense Fund- California
Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland
American Academy of Pediatrics, California
The Children’s Partnership
American Lung Association
Children’s Specialty Care Coalition
American Nurses Association (ANA)
City of Beverly Hills
County Health Executives Association
Café de California
County of Los Angeles
California Academy of Family Physicians
County of Marin
California American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
County of San Francisco
California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP)
County of Santa Clara
California Black Health Network
County of Santa Clara
California Children’s Hospital Association
County of Yolo
California Coverage and Health Initiatives (CCHI)
First 5
California Hospital Association
Health Officers Association of California
California Immunization Coalition
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
California Medical Association (CMA)
Kaiser PermanenteCalifornia Optometric Association
March of Dimes
California Pharmacists Association
National Coalition of 100 Black Women
California Primary Care Association (CPCA)
Pasadena Public Health Department
California School Boards Association (CSBA)
Providence Health and Services Southern California
California School Employees Association (CSEA)
San Francisco Unified School District
California School Nurses Organization (CSNO)
San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)
California State PTA
Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors
Child Care Law Center
Secular Coalition for America
Children Now
Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Solano Beach Unified School District

“It is our duty as a community to protect children in school, especially medically vulnerable children – and SB 277 will do that,” said California State PTA President Colleen A. R. You in a statement. “[V]accines in use today are extremely safe and effective for the general population. Immunizations are recognized as one of the most beneficial and effective public-health measures.”

“We know that certain schools and school districts have high rates of unvaccinated children, thus resulting in higher incidence of vaccine preventable diseases, rates not seen in recent years. Changing the current school entry requirement to a medical exemption only for vaccinations will serve the public and schools well,” said California School Nurses Organization President Kathy Ryan in a letter. “Having ‘community immunity’ varies by vaccine but it provides protection for those students and staff who for medical reasons are unable to be vaccinated or are immunocompromised.”

A full list of endorsements can be found at