Dr. Richard Pan Asks the Little Hoover Commission to Review the Denti-Cal program

April 6, 2015

Sacramento – Following a State Auditor’s report last December that found both poor access to dental care for Denti-Cal beneficiaries and inadequate state oversight of the program, Dr. Richard Pan asked the Little Hoover Commission to undertake a review of the Denti-Cal program and identify how this vital program should meet its purpose to provide access to dental care for many of the most vulnerable Californians including children.

In his letter to the Little Hoover Commission, Dr. Richard Pan said, “As a pediatrician who has cared for children on Medi-Cal for over 16 years, I have witnessed first-hand the harm caused to children by long-standing deficiencies in Denti-Cal. Since entering the legislature, I have communicated my concerns and held hearings on the persistent access problems in Denti-Cal.  What the Auditor’s report also demonstrated was lack of oversight and attention by DHCS to Denti-Cal, including poor enforcement of contract provisions with Delta Dental, the contractor managing the program.”

In his letter, Dr. Pan notes that the Little Hoover Commission has been a valuable resource that has consistently delivered important data to provide a thorough analysis of the various programs throughout the state.  Dr. Pan hopes that the report will help guide the legislature as we work to hold DHCS accountable to both Denti-Cal beneficiaries and the public.

See letter attached.

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