Dr. Richard Pan Speaks Out Against Symbols of Hate and Murder on Display on Home in a Sacramento Neighborhood

February 26, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Dr. Richard Pan made the following statement in regards to the anti-Semitic display of swastikas at a house in the River Park area of the 6th Senate District:

“I wish to express my deep revulsion with the display of swastikas on a home in River Park, which is a hurtful reminder of the atrocities of the Holocaust.  While the right of free expression as protected by the 1st Amendment is important to Sacramento and our nation, I call on the homeowner to listen to his neighbors and remove these symbols of murder and hate from public display on his property. I look forward to working with the River Park Neighborhood Association and local community leaders to not allow the actions of one homeowner to overshadow the values of the entire community."

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