Nicole Clavo's life forever changed when her 17 year-old son was shot and killed. Problems viewing this E-mail? Please click here.
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Dr. Nicole Clavo
Founder of the Healing5 Foundation


Nicole Clavo's life forever changed when her 17 year-old son was shot and killed. He and his fellow football teammates were driving back to campus after getting food the night of their playoff game when someone in another car fired a gun into the car JJ was riding in and killed him. Motivated by this unspeakable tragedy, Dr. Clavo created the Healing5 Foundation to help others in her community.  The Healing5 Foundation's mission is to ensure all families receive the support, attention, and resources they need when they endure an unimaginable, tragic loss of their loved one, like the Clavo family. 

Tell us a little about yourself
I am originally from San Diego, CA. I relocated to Sacramento in November of 2009 by way of Fresno, CA.  I have two children my daughter is 26yrs old and my son would have been 20yrs old. I have a grand-dog her name is Nyla she is a Rottweiler and she will be 2yrs old in March. I reside with my mother, father, daughter and nephew in Elk Grove, CA.

How are you making a difference in your community? 
I am trying to make a difference through Acknowledging, Educating, Empowering, Encouraging and Motivating individuals through my organization the Healing5 Foundation, Inc.

What issues are you most passionate about? 
I am most passionate about saving our youth and creating a safe space to heal for those who have been impacted by violence and trauma.

What inspires your community efforts?
Empowering individuals to be survivors vs. victims, seeing/knowing how support and love can make a difference in an individual.  

Why is the work important to you? 
It is an honor to be able to provide assistance to those who are in need. It is a calling! God Charters my steps!

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 
Outside of raising to wonderful kids, receiving my Doctorate degree in Psychology and Organizational Development (Psy.D)

What have you struggled most with in your life? 
Dealing with the murder of my son.

What kind of lessons do you think are important to instill in future generations?
Love, respect, honor, integrity, self-worth and financial literacy.

If there is one problem in our community that you wish you could fix, what would it be? 

How do you decompress?
Sitting in silence or traveling.

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