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DeAngelo Mack

Sacramento Violence Intervention Program Coordinator at WellSpace Health

  DeAngelo Mack  


Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is DeAngelo Mack and I live in the Greenhaven neighborhood of Sacramento. I am a husband and father of 6 (two daughters, two sons and two God daughters). I work for a local non-profit organization called WellSpace Health. I am the Program Coordinator for the Sacramento Violence Intervention Program.


How are you making a difference in your community? 

Over the past 7 years I have worked in the violence intervention and prevention field, helping youth (and their families) who have been injured due to community violence. I help them to understand the trauma that comes from being shot, stabbed or assaulted and find healing through the journey that they are now on. I have also helped to create many programs in the community to better families and neighborhoods including a program called "Sacramento Summer Night Lights."


Why is this work important to you? 

This work is very important to me because of my passion for people. I consider it my life's work. I have always had the gift of seeing a person's potential pass their current circumstances even when they can't see it in their selves. It is my goal to connect that person with who they are to become. 


What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I have had many accomplishments that I am proud of but none more than being a husband and a father. I learn so much from them and they continue to be my number one supporters in all I do.


What have you struggled most with in your life? 

I think the thing I have struggled with the most is the fear of leaving this earth not having giving my all to the things I am called to…family, community and arts.


What kind of lessons do you work to instill in your children?   

It is important for me to inform my children that unfortunately in America, race plays a big part in decisions made and the type of treatment that they may receive. However, the important thing for them to remember is who they are and how special they are in their own right.


If there was one problem in our community that you wish you could fix, what would it be? 

This question is too hard! I have so many...

But I guess if I had to choose one problem to fix I would pick ending violence. In this line of work I have seen such a culture of violence that at times is very generational. I know violence isn't the root cause but a symptom of a greater illness but because I am doing this work and want to keep this simple I will start there. :-)


How do you decompress?

I decompress by spending time around family and friends, taking photos and hiking, and watching lots and lots of movies!!


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