Governor Signs Nine Bills by Dr. Richard Pan

New laws by Dr. Pan will guard Sacramento from floods, better protect college campuses and surrounding communities, support local businesses, boost immunization rates and more

October 15, 2015

Sacramento – Governor Jerry Brown has signed the following nine bills by Dr. Richard Pan into law:

SB 144 will finally bring completion to flood control projects along the American and Sacramento Rivers and projects to protect the Natomas floodplain that have been years in the making; and in doing so, will bring hundreds of millions of federal flood control dollars to our region.  

SB 145 preserves the privately-funded health insurance for 16,000 farmworkers and their families at a cost-savings to the state. The bill ensures employer/farm worker contributions continue to flow into the Robert F. Kennedy Farm Workers Medical Plan to cover much-needed medical care for farmworker families.

SB 216 Makes technical changes to public employees' retirement law requiring members make certain elections prior to their retirement.

SB 277 ensures that all children can safely attend school by abolishing the personal belief exemption to legally required vaccines for school attendance in California that contributed to the recent spread of life-threatening, preventable contagions. 

SB 424 offers our colleges and the surrounding communities better protections from such serious crimes as sexual assault, robbery, burglary, arson, theft and murder. 

SB 453 strengthens rehabilitation efforts in our correctional system by giving state hospitals and treating psychiatrists the flexibility to offer needed therapies in a manner best suited for patients. 

SB 533 closes a loophole in the law that has allowed businesses to send their sales tax to other cities causing the City of West Sacramento and other cities to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales tax revenue while still bearing the cost of providing local services including police and fire to those businesses. Under this bill, businesses will be required to pay their sales tax revenue to the city or county they operate in.

SB 550 allows Sacramento visitors a unique (and green) way to experience Sacramento, all while supporting other local businesses. The bill gives local governments the opportunity to allow alcoholic beverages on bike buses that meet safety standards.

SB 600 protects immigrants from discrimination on the basis of their immigration status, citizenship, or language at places of business. 

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