President Trump’s Mob Carrying Out Their Nationwide Attack in CA State Capitol

January 14, 2021

Watch Video of Threats of Gun Violence Made to CA State Legislators:

SACRAMENTO, CA — Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and pediatrician made the following statement following threats of gun violence made to California State Legislators at the State Capitol:

“A little more than a year ago anti-vaccine extremists came to the California State Capitol to bully, intimidate and disrupt the legislature from conducing the people’s business. One of their own physically assaulted me on the street and another threw blood onto the floor of the California State Senate causing a halt to the Senate Session.

Later, these extremists joined QAnon and white nationalists to attack public health leaders fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the basis of myths and lies perpetuated by Donald Trump and his associates.

Now, after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week, they are back again threatening violence upon elected legislators working to protect people from COVID-19. We can no longer make light of or ignore Trump’s mob working to carry out their nationwide assault on Democracy in our state capitol.  These threats of gun violence are an assault on all Americans.  Because they don’t have facts or science on their side, they repeatedly resort to threats and violence to make their demands, even though the vast majority of the public disagrees with them.

I call on my fellow legislators to condemn these violent threats and ask the people of California to vigorously reject violence against our civil leaders.

Extremists who threaten violence need to be immediately held accountable.”

# # #

Dr. Richard Pan is a parent, small business owner, former UC Davis educator and pediatrician who represents Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove and unincorporated areas of Sacramento County in the state legislature and is the Chair of the Senate Health Committee. As a legislator, Dr. Pan continues to practice medicine at WellSpace Health Oak Park Community Clinic, pursuing his passion for working with families to build healthier communities.