Senator Richard Pan Applauds Governor’s Life Saving Mask Mandate as Essential Step to Economic Recovery

June 18, 2020

Sacramento, CA – Dr. Richard Pan, pediatrician and State Senator representing the Sacramento region made the following statement regarding Governor Gavin Newsom’s order to wear face coverings in public or high-risk settings:

“As physicians and scientists learn more about the novel coronavirus and how it infects people, wearing a mask in addition to physical distancing and hand washing is one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of this disease.  Many people are contagious before showing symptoms or are without symptoms, and masks reduce disease transmission. Unfortunately, public health officials who have acted on this science are being personally harassed and threatened for protecting the public.

I applaud Governor Newsom’s statewide guidelines mandating face coverings in public, which can help finally lead to a decline in COVID-19 cases in California.  When people refuse to wear a mask, they threaten the health and freedom of Californians and take away our right to go about safely in our own neighborhoods. The Governor’s mask mandate will allow more businesses to reopen safely.  Californians who truly wish to end the economic decline caused by the pandemic will ardently embrace the Governor’s mandate as an essential step to economic recovery.”


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