Dr. Richard Pan, Attorney General Becerra, Vice-Mayor Eric Guerra Announce $1.5 Million to Combat Sex Trafficking in Sacramento

September 16, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Dr. Richard Pan, pediatrician and State Senator representing the Sacramento region, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Sacramento Vice-Mayor Eric Guerra and local community advocates announced that the Sacramento region will get an infusion of state funds to target sex trafficking. 

The state dollars will help local and state officials determine the scope of sex trafficking in Sacramento and how to combat it both in Sacramento and in other areas of the state.   

"Eliminating sex trafficking is a priority for the Sacramento region," said Dr. Richard Pan.  "I am pleased to partner with Councilmember Eric Guerra and Attorney General Becerra to secure $1.5 million in state funds to Sacramento to determine the scope of sex trafficking in our community so we can act to protect women and men in our community at-risk for trafficking."

“Human trafficking is a critical issue affecting our City and we must end today’s modern-day slavery," said Vice-Mayor Guerra. "The City and the State are committing nearly $1.6M to fight human trafficking and amplify the voices of victims. I am proud to partner with Senator Pan and Attorney General Xavier Becerra in this effort and to bring those silenced into the light of justice.”

“Over the last three years we've been able to help 116 victims of tracking with comprehensive care. I know we are missing so many that need our help,” said Sawan Vaden, Survivor Advocate and Program Manager at Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH).

“Our survivor-led, anti-trafficking program connects with women and takes a ‘whatever is needed’ approach. But there are so many others that we aren't reaching that need our help,” said Terri Galvan, Executive Director of CASH. 

“I’m proud to have partnered with Sen. Pan, community leaders and Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) to secure $1.5 million in the budget to battle local sex trafficking in the region,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento). “These funds will help gather important information and build necessary resources to keep our kids and residents safe in our communities.”

Because the lack of reliable information is one of the biggest challenges in developing an effective and targeted response to sex trafficking, Dr. Richard Pan, State Senator from the Sacramento region, Attorney General Becerra, Vice-Mayor Eric Guerra and others collaborated on securing local assistance designed to address the problem in the Sacramento area and beyond.  The effort comes as regional leaders push to revitalize the troubled Stockton Boulevard corridor.  

Sacramento County was chosen because of CASH’s unique research model which connects sex trafficking survivors with men and women who are currently being sex trafficked, and because sex traffickers target our region for our close proximity to larger cities. California consistently has one of the highest rates of human trafficking reports in the country. 

Community Against Sexual Harm exclusively serves individuals who have been sexually exploited and over the last 11 years, they have developed a network of survivors of sex-trafficking that will serve as subject-matter experts, a medical safe haven for victims of trafficking, and a collaborative structure with law enforcement.  


Dr. Richard Pan is a parent, small business owner, former UC Davis educator and pediatrician who represents Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove and unincorporated areas of Sacramento County in the state legislature and is the Chair of the Senate Health Committee. As a legislator, Dr. Pan continues to practice medicine at WellSpace Health Oak Park Community Clinic, pursuing his passion for working with families to build healthier communities.