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Senate Bill Could Clean Up Stockton Boulevard

August 14, 2018

by Pedro Rivera,

SACRAMENTO -- If you head south on Stockton Boulevard, you’ve probably seen the old San Juan Motel sign in the vacant lot with trash scattered everywhere and tall grass.

For more than 20 years, the piece of land on Stockton has been an eyesore, but a bill may soon change that.

Senate Bill 481 was heard in front of the assembly housing and development committee.

Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra, who represents the area, was in church with State Senator Richard Pan when the two began discussing the run down 2.5 acres.

"Every day it makes me sad to see how we have this vacant lot that's blighted with trash everywhere and nothing being done with it," Guerra said.

After the recession back in 2008, several pieces of land at 5700 Stockton Blvd. split up between the county and city to own.

"Imagine you have a piece of land and the middle chunk is owned by one person, the rest is owned by another and they can’t transfer from one to the other," Pan said.

SB 481 will take care of that.

The bill allows the county to sell the land to the City of Sacramento for less than market price, which according to the bill is $900,000. But there is one condition -- it must be used for low-income housing.

According to the legislative analyst’s office, California rent prices are the highest in the country.

"By developing it, not only do we create more housing for people, it also helps the businesses in the neighborhood," Pan said.

At the hearing in front of the Assembly Housing and Development Committee, community members and property owners came out in favor of the bill.

No opposition showed up to the hearing.

Senate Bill 481 has already passed in the Senate and if it goes through the committee, it could soon end up on the assembly floor. Once that happens, it’ll be up to Governor Jerry Brown to sign it.