Senate Resolution Encouraging Sister-State Relationship Between California and Baden-Württemberg, Germany Passes the Senate

May 10, 2018

SACRAMENTO, CA –Senate Resolution 90 by Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and state senator representing the Sacramento region passed the Senate Floor today.  The measure supports the expanding bilateral relationship that exists between the states of California and Baden-Württemberg by encouraging the two states to come together and sign an agreement that would bond them as sister-states.  

“California and Baden-Württemberg share many common interests that are critical to our state in the areas of climate change, health, environmental sustainability and next generation transportation systems,” said Dr. Richard Pan. “Coming together to enter into a sister-state relationship would enhance the relationships that already exist between our two states.”

There have been many cultural, historical, educational, and business connections between Germany and California since the early 1800s. Kandern, a picturesque town in southwest Baden-Württemberg, was the birthplace of John Sutter, who founded Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento and Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, the site where gold was discovered, initiating the 1849 California Gold Rush. Prince Paul, the Duke of Württemberg, visited Sutter in 1850 and wrote glowingly of Sutter’s agricultural endeavors. Cuttings from Sutter’s vineyard in Sutterville were used to cultivate the vineyards for Sutter Home wine in Napa. His son, John Augustus Sutter, Jr., was the founder and planner of Sacramento. Currently, 22 percent of California’s population is of German descent.

The Under2 Coalition was created on May 19, 2015 with 12 founding signatories. It originated from a partnership between California and Baden-Württemberg with the aim of bringing together ambitious states and regions willing to make a number of key commitments toward emissions reduction and to help galvanize action at the COP 21 (Conference of the Parties) Paris Climate Change Conference in December 2015. The Under2MOU currently has 205 signatories, representing 43 countries, and 6 continents.  California and Baden-Württemberg have been pressing forward as strong allies in the goal of limiting warming to below 2° Celsius.  

On September 12-14th California will be hosing the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco. The Summit will bring together leaders from state and local governments, business, and citizens from around the world, to demonstrate how the tide has turned in the race against climate change, showcase climate action taking place around the world, and inspire deeper commitments from each other and from national governments. Minister President, Winfried Kretschmann will be stateside for the summit, at that time, it is the hope, that Governor Brown and Kretschmann will come together for a signing of a formal resolution between the two states followed by a press conference announcing the partnership.  

President of the Baden-Württemberg Sister States Organization, Dr. Susannah Martin said, “California and Baden-Württemberg have a rich and lengthy history together, and it is very exciting that the past several years of dedication have come to fruition to bind us officially.  These two great states have a strong and bright future not just united in the name of economics, science, and politics, but also in education and culture."

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