Dr. Pan Makes Statement on State Auditor’s ‘High Risk’ Update on the Department of Public Health

March 3, 2015

SACRAMENTO- Dr. Richard Pan made the following statement regarding the California State Auditor’s report issued today on The California Department of Publish Health’s failure to implement previous audit recommendations:

“As a physician, I recognize the essential role the California Department of Public Health has in the health and safety of Californians. Therefore, last January I held an oversight hearing on the Licensing and Certification Program to bring more accountability to the programs DPH administers. As noted at the hearing and in the Auditor’s reports and letter, DPH needs to act to eliminate its deficiencies, and request the necessary resources from the legislature to perform its statutorily required duties.”

The California State Auditor’s report, which provided an update on their assessment of the California Department of Public Health’s high risk status can be found here, http://www.bsa.ca.gov/pdfs/reports/2015-607.pdf.

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