Unsung Heroes

The Sacramento region is full of unsung heroes!

They are caring for others, overcoming hardships or working toward a dream.  They aren’t in the spotlight, but their stories are inspiring and they deserve recognition.

Through this effort, Dr. Pan hopes to put the spotlight on them – the unsung heroes of the 6th Senate District.

Every month Dr. Pan will highlight one such hero in our region and share their story.

If you know an unsung hero that should be in the spotlight, email Senator.Pan@senate.ca.gov.

Unsung Hero of the Month

August 2020: Kristina Torres

August 2020: Arica Dunlap

Previously Recognized Unsung Heroes:

April 2020: Gina Lujan

March 2020: Julie Nakayama

February 2020: Nailah Pope-Harden

October 2019: Craig Marquette

September 2019: Nicholas Miller

August 2019: Fabrizio Sasso

July 2019: Shane Logan

June 2019: Debra Oto-Kent

May 2019: Gregory King

March 2019: Sylvia Villalobos and TJ David

February 2019: Velma Sykes

January 2019: Amaya Weiss

December 2018: Dr. Nicole Clavo

November 2018: Carl Hammer

September 2018: Sandra K. Moreno

August 2018: Stephanie B. Francis

July 2018: Rivkah K. Sass

June 2018: Vince Caguin

May 2018: Alexandra Karritti

April 2018: Samantha Donaldson

March 2018: Jeannie Coppola

February 2018: James Van Buren

January 2018: Joe Matisco

December 2017: DeAngelo Mack

November 2017: Dennis Boyd

October 2017: Rosalino 'Lino' Pedres

September 2017: John Vinson

August 2017: Dr. Vernon Walton

July 2017: Jesse Archer

June 2017: Yannina Casillas

May 2017: Teresa Kahl

April 2017: Jose Ramirez

March 2017: Dean "Dino" Alleger

February 2017: Shonna McDaniels

January 2017: Ron Marshall

December 2016: Carol McNerney

November 2016: Chariss Fong

October 2016: Kay Temple Kirk

September 2016: Leah Nelson

August 2016: Pat Yanes

July 2016: Kathi Windheim

June 2016: Roman Murrietta

May 2016: Alexandra Russell

April 2016: Molly Simones

March 2016: Mark Jacobs

February 2016: BreAnda Northcutt 

January 2016: Hervey Taylor

December 2015: Don Ross

November 2015: Savanna Karmue

October 2015: Nina Delgaldillo

September 2015: Lynda Nicole Williams