2017 Bills

SB 18 would establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California by outlining the research-based essential needs of California’s children. SB 18 establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.

SB 28 provides for the legislative ratification of the six memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for the State of California.

SB 220 ensures that there are strong representatives dedicated to children’s health on the Medical Children's Advisory Panel, a stakeholder group that provides feedback on topics that impact children in Medi-Cal.

SB 267 brings transparency to local election processes by allowing the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to contract with the City of Sacramento for purposes of enforcing city's campaign finance ordinance.

SB 293 would bring pay parity for law enforcement by assuring that supervisors of peace officers are being adequately compensated in comparison to their subordinates.

SB 311 would allow licensed cannabis operators to offer their testing lab services to other licensed cannabis operators who do not have testing labs of their own.

SB 382 would create the California Mosquito Surveillance and Research Program Account (Account) to be administered by the State Department of Public Health (CDPH.)

SB 401 improves childcare facilities and the wellbeing of children by repealing an outdated provision of state law, which currently restricts California from building a childcare facility larger than 2,100 square feet.

SB 426 will help reduce child abuse and neglect while strengthening families, lifting them out of poverty and reducing the indirect costs child abuse and neglect has on other parts of the state budget.

SB 432 assures that we notify firefighters and other emergency medical personnel in a timely manner if they have been exposed to a reportable disease or condition while performing the duties of the job and rendering emergency medical aid to a patient.

SB 456 assures that we can continue to use health homes as a way of delivering primary care that helps people stay healthy by managing chronic conditions and keeping up with preventive care.

SB 536 directs the California Department of Justice to provide information on gun violence restraining orders to researchers affiliated with the University of California’s Firearm Violence Research Center.

SB 550 protects workers, by establishing that if a union prevails in a lawsuit that proves an employer failed to provide wages or benefits, than the employer shall pay the union's attorney's fees and expenses.

SB 580 ensures that there will be enough money allotted to maintain the health of the American and Sacramento River watersheds.

SB 643 adds Duchenne muscular dystrophy to the list of medical conditions eligible for coverage under the Genetically Handicapped Persons Program.

SB 730 assures that school meals in California are being sourced from local farms within the United States, and not from other countries like China.