Senator Steinberg discusses the challenge to the newly-drawn district lines

January 10, 2012

On the day state Republican representatives argue before the California Supreme Court that newly-drawn Senate district lines should be thrown out, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told KFBK that the legal challenge is “politics as usual.” Republicans want the court to draw new lines because they claim they’re close to qualifying a referendum to challenge the results of the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. “It was mostly the Republican side of the aisle who said, ‘Take redistricting out of the hands of the Legislature.’ And so the voters passed the proposition in the last election that said, ‘Let’s have an independent commission do it.’ The commission did it. They drew Senate lines which were favorable to Democrats,” said Steinberg. “Now the same folks who were the strongest proponents of independent redistricting are marching into court and saying, ‘No, it wasn’t fair, overturn it.’ Well you know, you’ve got to live by the results.” Listen to the entire interview here.

Radio Clip: