Pro tem Darrell Steinberg discusses his support for the "strong mayor" proposal

January 17, 2012

Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg explained his public support of a new, modified “strong mayor” proposal to be put before Sacramento voters during his weekly KFBK interview.
“I think it is a reasonable, modest proposal that gives the mayor some additional powers while maintaining strong veto override authority for the city council. It’s much more modest than the mayor’s previous proposal,” said Steinberg. “But there’s a much more important reason for me; Kevin Johnson is likely to be the mayor for the next five years, and I think it’s incumbent upon people like myself, civic leaders, to support a mayor when the proposal that’s being presented is at least within the realm of reason. As the mayor succeeds, so does the city, so does the community.” Listen to the entire interview here.

Radio Clip: