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Deadline on prison overcrowding must be extended

November 22, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

One life saved.

For most of her adult life, a 31-year-old San Francisco violinist had been ravaged by debilitating mental illness. Newspaper accounts chronicled the compelling journey of Kim Knoble, who was caught in a cycle of shelters and homelessness, lack of self-control and aberrant behavior. It culminated in Knoble's arrest for assaulting an elderly passenger on a city bus.

Coming of age in California and the need to prepare young people for good work

October 29, 2013

Sacramento Bee
By Darrell Steinberg

New reports that 15 percent of American young people are neither in school nor working have grabbed national headlines. Here in California, I hope they grab us by the throat.

California Compromise a Lesson for Congress

October 03, 2013

Huffington Post

Dysfunctional. Obstructionist. Petty partisanship.

The descriptions being slapped onto Congress in the wake of the federal government shutdown should be familiar to Californians. They're some of the same labels hung on California lawmakers five years ago, when the state Legislature was gridlocked in the face of financial ruin.

Online classes could unclog course bottleneck

March 21, 2013

OC Register

When my contemporaries reminisce about their college days, most focus fondly on the experience of invigorating intellectual challenges coupled with those exciting times of newfound independence.

Prop. 63 saves lives

March 10, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

Step out of a BART station onto Market Street and you are greeted by one of San Francisco's most humbling scenes. It meets the eye before the historic street cars. It is San Francisco's mentally ill population, which can be a first and long-lasting impression linked to one of the world's most spectacular cities.

Expanding Mental Health Services -- a National Model That Works

February 27, 2013

Huffington Post

Two days after the school shooting in Newtown, the number of Google searches for mental health peaked to a 12 month high. The country is finally talking about mental health care. Connected and unconnected to Newtown, leaders exclaim that we must do something. Yet with some notable exceptions, the discussion is mostly lip service. We must translate that talk and the good intentions into real action.

Darrell Steinberg: Gov. Perry, bring it on; California can compete

February 11, 2013

OC Register

Some are calling it a bold, aggressive action. To me, it's simply an act of desperation. The governor of Texas has been creating a little media buzz with his latest effort at poaching California businesses.

Viewpoints: Commitment needed to mental health services

February 02, 2013

Sacramento Bee

What does $10 billion mean in the context of a $3.8 trillion federal budget?We spend $10 billion and more on tax giveaways for huge multinational corporations with financial operations overseas, on fossil fuel subsidies for enormously profitable oil companies, and on unnecessary farm subsidies.

California did it; so can D.C.

January 03, 2013

Los Angeles Times

Congress may have avoided certain disaster on Tuesday, but the plan that was passed does little to get the country back to a functional system of budgeting that doesn't involve chronic deficits. So what would that take? Republicans will have to recognize that raising taxes on high-income earners is a necessity. Democrats will need to agree to budget cuts and entitlement savings.