The Sacramento Bee

State legislators to honor homeless man who tidied up Capitol Park

February 22, 2017

By Cynthia Hubert

California legislators on Thursday will honor a homeless man who for more than 20 years quietly and voluntarily worked to keep Capitol Park tidy.

Randall Koroush, 56, who slept under a bridge at night and spent his days cleaning fallen branches, leaves and debris from the park that surrounds the historic statehouse, died mysteriously earlier this month. The Bee on Sunday told his story, describing the void his death has left for grounds crews and others who work in the park.

Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, said he frequently saw Koroush during his way to and from the Capitol building. Upon learning of his death, Pan said, he decided to recognize Koroush’s contributions by adjourning the Senate on Thursday in Koroush’s honor.

Such honors often are reserved for “people who are more well known,” Pan said in an interview. “But this is a moment to recognize that we represent all of California, people with all kinds of different stories.”

“Randall was part of the Capitol community,” Pan said. “He found meaning in helping maintain the Capitol grounds. He was a special person in his own way, and we want to remember him.”

The recognition will take place after the Senate finishes taking up bills, resolutions and other matters, likely around 10 a.m., Pan said.


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