Steinberg Statement on SCA 5

March 17, 2014

(Sacramento) – Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) is issuing the following statement on Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 which by request of the author, Senator Ed Hernandez (D- West Covina), is being returned to the Senate from the Assembly:

“We need a calm and intelligent discussion about what Affirmative Action is and is not. Affirmative Action is not quotas. I am deeply concerned anytime one ethnic group turns on another.

“Our state’s history and the continued challenges we face to improve relations between people are far too important to see a wedge driven between our diverse communities.

“I’m a supporter of SCA 5. I look forward to working with Senator Hernandez, my Senate colleagues, and the Assembly in bringing all communities together for a serious and sober examination of Affirmative Action.”