Steinberg Statement on Governor’s Veto of SB 374

October 11, 2013

(Sacramento) – Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) is issuing the following statement on the Governor’s action today to veto SB 374, which would have closed a loophole in the state’s assault weapons ban to require fixed magazines on all center fire semi-automatic rifles purchased, sold or manufactured in California beginning in 2014:

“Since the horrendous mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December, more than 1,100 Californians have been killed by continuing gun violence. I’m very disappointed that with the veto of SB 374, we have missed the opportunity to curb that violence and save more lives.

“In his veto message, the Governor said he believes this measure to ban semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines goes too far. Certainly, there is no doubt that this measure was crafted to take aggressive action. I did so because I believe aggressive action is precisely what’s needed to reduce the carnage in our communities, and to counter the equally aggressive action by the gun industry which is intent on exploiting loopholes in our existing ban on assault weapons.

“While I’m certainly disappointed with the Governor’s decision, I know he gave thoughtful consideration to balancing the issues raised in SB 374. We can agree to disagree, and will continue to work collaboratively for the benefit of all Californians.”