October 08, 2011

Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg issued the following statement after the Governor vetoed SB 547 and signed SB 611 and 612:

“The Governor’s veto of SB 547 leaves in place a narrow accountability system that is failing our students, teachers and schools because it is based 100% on standardized test scores.  Calls to quickly yet thoughtfully address the inadequacies of the Academic Performance Index have come from not just editorialist and academics but from those on the ground delivering education every day.  I am encouraged by the fact the Governor believes the system is robbing our children of the opportunity to develop the “love of learning” we all want to restore.  I look forward to hearing his proposal on how to reform the status quo.  We must act deliberately to repair a flawed system that has negative consequences for children and schools.  .  I am confident we can produce an accountability framework that will achieve our shared objective of quality education and provide an early victory for 2012.”    

“The Governor’s signatures on SB 611 and 612 allow us to get on with the important work of making high school more relevant to the needs of the California economy. The UC Curriculum Integration Institute, established in statute by SB 611, will work to develop cutting-edge, model courses to provide students rigorous academic content linked to real world applications. The California Subject Matter Projects, reauthorized by SB 612, now has a new charge to provide professional development to the teachers who will make these relevant courses real for high school students. I believe this work will have an impact on student engagement in school, and thus reduce our high dropout rate.”