Senator Steinberg's Weekly Radio Interview

Senate leader Steinberg pushes to give all kids a fair start

April 08, 2014

Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg discussed what he calls a “huge opportunity” to give all California preschool kids a fair start with early childhood education under his legislation that will receive its first hearing in committee Wednesday. Speaking during his regular KFBK weekly interview, Steinberg cited what he calls an astounding statistic: “Compared to a middle class or high income four year old, between zero and four (years old), if you’re low income on average you will have heard 30 million fewer words than the other child.

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Steinberg reaffirms commitment to integrity of the Senate

March 18, 2014

Once again addressing the controversy over leaves of absence granted for Senators Rod Wright and Ron Calderon as they face criminal charges, Senate leader Darrell Steinberg pointed out during a KFBK interview that by doing what’s best for the Senate he is actually prolonging the Democrats’ loss of a supermajority in the Senate. “It would be to my political advantage as the Democratic leader to expel Rod Wright, because if we expelled Rod Wright, we would then be able to have Governor Brown call a special election and replace him with another Democrat …  before the end of the session.

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Steinberg on KFBK: "Let's move on"

March 11, 2014

With two state senators already on indefinite leaves of absence pending resolution of criminal cases, the leader of the Senate says a Republican move for a suspension vote of Senator Rod Wright and Senator Ron Calderon is unnecessary and driven by politics. “Both members are on leaves of absence, they’re not returning to the Senate unless they’re cleared and what my colleagues on the Republican side now appear to be doing is just trying to gain a little political advantage because the resolutions don’t say anything.

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Senate leader Steinberg addresses the controversy surround Senator Calderon

February 25, 2014

Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg addressed the controversy surrounding Senator Ron Calderon during the Pro Tem’s weekly interview on KFBK. “Given the seriousness of the allegations that go to the very heart of what it means to be a  public official, and given the cloud it obviously puts over the Senate, I asked Senator Calderon to resign or at least take a leave of absence pending the criminal proceedings which I assume will take many, many months if not longer,” said Steinberg.

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